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Homogenizing the Data Structure for Species Protection (SenStadt)

Homogenizing the Data Structure for Species Protection
Senate Department for Urban Development of Berlin (SenStadt)
Senate Department for Urban Development of Berlin

Technical University of Berlin
Institute for Ecology
Department of Biodiversity Dynamics
Prof. Dr. Frank Dziock
June 2008 - May 2009
Research Associate:
Helge Herbst (TU Berlin)
Ulrich Heink (TU Berlin)
Project Lead:
Prof. Dr. Birgit Kleinschmit


Spatial information about the occurrence of species of fauna and flora is an essential basis for meeting requirements of Nature Conservation legislation. Through the demands of international law and intensification of policies concerning species protection in the German Nature Conservation Act the relevance of species related data has increased. The efficient realisation of required tasks in Species Protection at Senate Department for Urban Development is currently hindered by several deficiencies:
There are various sources of species related data which leads to enormous differences in their quality and structure. Due to different technical management systems, data are often not interoperable between systems. Another problem are differences in depth of content and used semantic so that relevant information cannot be extracted equally from data of different sources. A major problem is the missing of explicit spatial reference of many species related data. Managing the data in a Geographic Information System (GIS) is therefore not possible.
The large amount of producers, managers and users of species related data creates an organizational challenge to aquire needed information. Due to different quality, data can hardly be integrated and processed in order to achieve evaluations needed for conservation means or to realise comprehensive planning processes (EIA, SEA). A consistent databasis for species related information is needed.
The establishing of an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (Inspire) and the need to exchange information between agencies on different levels requires standardized data structure and management. The data situation for Species Protection in Berlin so far doesn`t meet these requirements and has to be adapted. Purpose of the project is therefore to develop a concept for the homogenization and integration of heterogeneous data and systems for the management of species related information. It is to be examined which content has to be offered as well as which technical, semantic and administrative prerequisites have to be established in order to meet the requirements towards data management and processing formulated by the users of species related data at the Senat Department of Urban Planning, the lower agencies for Nature Protection and other participants of planning processes.

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