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Potential of remote sensing to predict species invasions: A modelling perspective
Zitatschlüssel Rocchini2015
Autor Rocchini, D. and Andreo, V. and Förster, M. and Gutierrez, A.P. and Gillespie, W. and Hauffe, H. and He, K.S. and Kleinschmit, B. and Mairota, P. and Marcantonio, M. and Metz, M. and Nagendra, H. and Pareeth, S. and Ponti, L. and Ricotta, C. and Rizzoli, A. and Schaab, G. and Zebisch, M. and Zorer, R. and Neteler, M.
Seiten 283-309
Jahr 2015
ISSN 0309-1333
DOI 10.1177/0309133315574659
Journal Progress in Physical Geography
Jahrgang 39
Nummer 3
Typ der Publikation "Article"
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