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Conference contributions


Tillack, A., Clasen, A., Förster, M. and Kleinschmit, B. (2013). Estimation of Seasonal Leaf Area Index in an Alluvial Forest Using RapidEye-Based Vegetation Indices. From the Basics to the Service - 5th RESA Workshop. Gito, 299-304.

Förster, M., Schmidt, T., Spindler, N., Renner, K., Wagner-Lücker, I., Zebisch, M. and Neubert, M. (2013). Remote sensing methods to monitor habitats potentially threatened by climate change. SPIE Remote Sensing, 88930L1-88930L8.

Koch, R. and Kleinschmit, B. (2013). Maximum entropy modelling of Caatinga plant species in a semiarid area of northeast Brazil. 43th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ): Building bridges in ecology - linking systems, scales and disciplines. Book of Abstracts. Proceedings of the GfÖ, Volume 43, 293-294.


Suchenwirth, L., Gärtner, P., Förster, M. and Kleinschmit, B. (2012). Combining Object-Based Image Analysis and Data Mining for Carbon Assessment in Floodplains. 4th International Conference on GEographic Object-Based Image Analysis, 96-101.

Lauf, S., Haase, D. and Kleinschmit, B. (2012). Land-use scenario modelling based on human decisions – Combining system dynamics and cellular automata. International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs) 2012

Strickmann, M. and Mülder, J. (2012). Ems 3D - Communicating Landscape Change. Peer Reviewed Proceedings of Digital Landscape Architecture2012 at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Wichmann, 249-255.

Nieland, S., Förster, M. and Kleinschmit, B. (2012). Towards a Remote Sensing Biodiversity Monitoring Ontology.

Förster, M., Schmidt, T., Schuster, C. and Kleinschmit, B. (2012). Multi-Temporal Detection of Grassland Vegetation with Rapideye Imagery and a Spectral-Temporal Library. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 4930-4933.

Gärtner, P., Frick, A., Bahls, A. and Kleinschmit, B. (2012). Monitoring von Biotopen an Bundeswasserstraßen mit RapidEye Daten. RapidEye Science Archive (RESA) - Vom Algorithmus zum Produkt. Gito, 93-109.

Ghisla, A., Rocchini, D., Neteler, M., Förster, M. and Kleinschmit, B. (2012). Species distribution modelling and open source GIS: why are they still so loosely connected?. International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, 1481-1488.


Lauf, S., Haase, D., Hostert, P., Lakes, T. and Kleinschmit, B. (2011). Households, land uses and the environment in change.

Schuster, C., Ali, I., Lohmann, P., Frick, A., Förster, M. and Kleinschmit, B. (2011). Analysis of TerraSAR-X time series for detecting swath events in NATURA 2000 grassland habitats.

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