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Prof. Dr. Birgit Kleinschmit



Phone: +49 (0)30 / 314 - 72 84 7


Room: EB 235a
Consultation hour: by arrangement

Personal Data
Date and place of birth: 1973 (Münster, Westphalia, Germany)
Employment and academic vita
Announced as University Professor and Head of the Department of Geoinformation in Environmental Planning at the Institute of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning of the Berlin University of Technology
Assistant Professor (“Juniorprofessorin”) at the Department of Geoinformation Processing for Landscape and Environmental Planning of the Berlin University of Technology
Consultant and software developer, INTEND Geoinformatik GmbH, Kassel, Germany
Scientific staff member ("Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin"), Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen, Department of Forest Assessment & Remote Sensing, Forest Growth, Forest Planning
Diploma study of forest science at the University of Göttingen
Doctorate (doctor forest), Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Grade: magna cum laude
Diploma, Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Grade: 1,9 (on a scale from 1 to 6, where 1 is highest)

Research Topics

    • Studying land use dynamics on different scales to understand natural and human environmental systems using geospatial information technologies (GIS & Remote Sensing)
    • Modelling environmental changes and assessing the impacts on humans and ecosystems
    • Knowledge-based combination of geoinformation and remote sensing data
    • Evaluating of new sensor technologies

      Important Functions, Awards, Honors

      • Since 2019     
        Member of Scientific Advisory Board on Forest Policy at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

      • Since 2019      
        Research Transfer advisory board Member, TU Berlin

      • Since 2018
        Deputy Director, Institute of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, TU Berlin

      • Since 2015      
        Co-speaker of the DFG research training group Urban water interfaces

      • Since 2016      
        Admissions and Steering Committee member of the Berlin International Graduate School in Model and Simulation based Research (BIMoS), TU Berlin

      • 2012-2018        
        Leader of the Special Interest Group „Analysis of remote sensing data” of the German Association for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation

      • Since 2018      
        Member of the Commission for the Allocation of Doctoral Grants of Elsa Neumann Scholarships

      • Since 2010      
        Steering Committee member of Geo.X – Research Network for Geosciences in Berlin and Potsdam




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      Halik, Ü., Zheng, C., Shu-zheng, L., Coenradie, B. and Kleinschmit, B. (2008). Study on the Height Volume Growth of Populus euphratica and Spatial Distribution in Lower Reaches of Tarim River, Xinjiang. Journal of Land Resources and Environment. Science Press, 187-191.


      Kleinschmit, B., Förster, M., Frick, A. and Oehmichen, K. (2007). QuickBird Data – experiences with ordering, quality and pan sharpening. Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung, Geoinformation – PFG, 73-84.

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      Kleinschmit, B., Förster, M., Korte, B. and Ross, L. (2006). Energie vom Acker - Potenziale und Risiken des Biomasseanbaus. GIS Business, 25-27.

      Other Publications


      Schuster, C., Förster, M. and Kleinschmit, B. (2010). Evaluation of the RapidEye red edge channel for improving land-use classifications. Tagungsband Dreiländertagung OVG, DGPF und SGPF, 119-126.

      Geißler, G., Kleinschmit, B., Ahrberg, R., Erdenetsogt, B., Heimann, Y., Heinsch, L., Hensel, L., Herff, T., Janke, J., Kaufmann, P., Kothe, M., Leutloff, H., Manzke, A., Rehhausen, A., Schramm, S., Töpper, S., Unger, S. and Wisniewski, B. (2010). Environmental justice in Berlin: GIS based method determining an aggregated index for urban planning. Proceedings of REAL CORP 2010, 1083-1087.


      Förster, M., Korte-Schemm, B., Ross, L. and Kleinschmit, B. (2009). A GIS-method to detect suitable locations for the cultivation of biomass for energy production in Germany. International Conference on Food Security and Environmental Sustainability - FSES

      Linke, S. and Kleinschmit, B. (2009). Assessing the Dynamic Land Use Model METRONAMICA on a Local Level. Geospatial Crossroads @ GI_Forum' 09: Proceedings of the Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg. Wichmann, 120-129.

      Ross, L., Bolling, J., Döllner, J. and Kleinschmit, B. (2009). Enhancing 3D City Models with Heterogeneous Spatial Information: Towards 3D Land Information Systems. Advances in GIScience. Springer, 113-133.

      Ross, L., Döllner, J., Kleinschmit, B. and Schroth, O. (2009). E-Collaboration between the private and the civil Sector: Support of long-term Utilization and update of Official 3D City models. Proceedings of Geoweb 2009 Conference

      Förster, M., Frick, A., Schuster, C., Körth, K., Itzerott, S., Neumann, C., Förster, S. and Kleinschmit, B. (2009). Multi-sensor Approaches for Detecting Protected Plant Communities in a Nature Conservation Heathland Area in Germany. 3rd. Workshop of EARSeL SIG on Remote Sensing of Land Use & Land Cover, 125-126.

      Förster, M., Köppen, A., Kleinschmit, B. and Bangert, D. (2009). Erstellung von Abstraktionsmodellen für ein Planungs- und Entscheidungsinstrument zur Bewertung natur- und umweltverträglicher Stadtentwicklung. Geoinformatik 2009, 121-128.


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